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This is a big day, for me, for the universe. Welcome to the SHEER VOLUME project. This year I will be releasing:

52 songs

52 videos

52 live streams

12 podcasts

and touring our benighted, flat earth

It IS a f*ck-ton of work, yes, but i'll tell you this.... this is actually a lot easier than trying to force my creative output into the now ancient "album form". I've crammed my myself into albums many a time, and i'll be honest, the process drives me mental. I love following an idea without letting my conscious mind interfere with it, and I always find that trying to compile an album out of the eclectic mish-mash of styles, voices and vibes that results is totally bum. This will be a year of constant creativity, with no holds barred and no rip cord.

I've already recorded the first 3 tracks, much of the first podcast episode, and have made the music vids for a couple of the tracks already. We're on target, and verily, I am excite.

Pre-save the first track Every End Is A Beginning, below:

Every End is a Beginning

This track means a lot to me, it came to me without meaning to write it. It was recorded in one take, is completely live and was produced in real time. I've never been able to produce stuff of this quality, live, until this current version of my rig, which I've been working on constantly. I'm super proud of it, and massively proud of this first track, which couldn't feel more appropriate, I hope you like it.

Save the video premier here!

so... it's....

New Track released every Friday

New Podcast episode first Monday of every month

Live-Streams, in which i'll be mangle video's of YOU GUYS into music, LIVE, every Tuesday at 8:30GMT

Click here to stay updated about the tracks, live-streams and podcasts as they happen.

I'm so excited to share this project with you. I've tried so many different ways of working over the years, 1 Album per Hour, Battlejam, live jams, putting a band together, making albums like a normal human, but this is different, this is the year of SHEER VOLUME.

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Beardyman is a Beatboxer, Musician, Live Looper, Voice actor and Technologist from London, UK. For 15 years has worked tirelessly do the impractical and inadvisable. One day he will die. 

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