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Beardyman is a Beatboxer, Musician, Live Looper, Voice actor and Technologist from London, UK. For 15 years has worked tirelessly do the impractical and inadvisable. One day he will die. 

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Every end is a Beginning​

I was thinking about the project, about 2020, about my experience of life so far, about the universe in general, and this song came to me, fairly fast - the lyrics and the song's structure crystallised in my head over a couple of days, then it was just a matter of trying to do it justice. I felt like it needed to be performed in as close to real-time as i could, so this whole song is one live take, edited slightly for brevity's sake. I only did the one pass; I kinda feel like that's the best way to do things. The whole thing was recorded in real time, in sequence and without stopping, and it's all built from my vocals and beatboxing. Regardless of what it sounds like, none of it is pre-produced. Only the automation on the loops and samples was pre-determined, but if you don't put sounds in it's just silent and building a song on this rig demands a high degree of manual control. I like it that way. It's like flying a mind-plane made of music, good intentions and ipads. Blarrf.

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"Kiss Me Over the Bin"

This video shows the actual live recording of all the parts you can hear in the song. It's inspired by a moment the other day when my wife leaned in and kissed me as I was taking the bins out, gross you might say. . . NO. . . . true love. Welcome to the SHEER VOLUME project.

Love Low Key (Deep Inside)