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So… finally!

After 6 years of frantic research and development, its here. The Beardytron_5000 mkII, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

For the last year and a half i have been working intensively, with some of the best minds in the business, on my new system which will allow me to finally realise the ideas i’ve had in my head all this time which i’ve never had the means to produce. Now i do.

The team comprises, Dave Gamble @ DMG Audio, Nick Dowell, Sebastien Lexer and Robert Fehse @ Sugarbytes.

The Beardytron is a real-time music production system, the first of it’s kind. Along the way we have had to surmount a great many surprising design and implementation challenges. But all the complexity is there so that it can be useable. It’s a new paradigm in music production, if purely in the sense that producing music is a complicated and nuanced activity which requires much thought, and we were looking to eliminate that thought and make esoteric and complex procedures intuitive and immediate. This has been no easy task, and deciding what to leave off the interface has been every bit as hard as deciding what to put on. Much effort has gone in to making it possible to control this many factors at the same time, with only a limited number of fingers and a limited bus speed in my brain.

So, what i now have at my disposal is the most complex and fully featured live-production system ever devised. I can start from nothing and get a fully formed track in as long as it takes to imagine it. Real-time music production. This has never been possible before. My old kaoss-pad based set-up was never suited to task, but i got pretty good at using it live and working around its many flaws… Now however, i have the ability to design my way out of any problem i encounter. This has seen a team of 4 developers pushed to their limits to achieve my dream of being able to drag musical ideas out of my head and into the real world at the speed at which they occur to me.

It’ll never be truly finished, because it’s potential is limited only be my imagination and ability to fund it’s development. But know this… Every time i test a new feature it fires off a thousand new ideas… Basically what i have here is a platform for innovation. At some point i will commercialise the hard work that has been done on the system, but there is no date set for software releases yet or any idea what kind of form any resulting products would take. Still, i feel it is now time to share the fruits of my labours with the world, and i invite u to join me on my ongoing journey into the unknown, to see what lies behind the great mirror, to sample the fruits of the fun-fun shrub, bathe in the cramnumbulant majesty of its myriad splendours. Be… Feel…. Die.


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