First live gig audio to be posted using the Beardytron 5000 mkII

I love India… The unexpected start and abrupt ending is due to the fact that they turned my sound on randomly and then killed the sound at the end without warning. . they were running over and no-one had paid the backsheesh to the cops. . . Still, had a wicked time with some awesome people. Can’t wait to go back.

This is a recording of a gig performed by me, Boodoomoon, (Beedeemeen / Baadaamaan) in India, which, if you don’t know it, is a charming little country just underneath Space which specializes in amazing food, friendly people and tigers. All the sounds you hear in this recording are generated live, and not a single kaoss pad in sight. Ironically two local beatboxers forced me to sign their Kaoss pads at the end. .

This is the first live gig audio i have posted created using my new gear which has taken me 6 years to design, and prototype. Over the past 3 years I have worked tirelessly on the system, overseeing it’s development and testing, improving and configuring it. I had no choice really, as the shows i want to do are simply not possible using any existing off the shelf gear, existing software or even cobbled together patches using freeware. The system is essentially my life’s work and will continue to be what i use for all my future endeavors. Chaaa….

I have waited until i felt i had configured it thoroughly and using it had become second nature. I feel i have now reached that stage….. do you feel the limitless power of the sacred Tit-Tree entering your brainulum? I certainly do.

So.. this, roughly, is what my new gear is capable of. It’s still early days yet. The Beardytron 5000 mkII is a work in progress and at some point you’ll be able to buy some form of looper/production-system based on the innovations developed to make my shows possible. . . but for now, I’m afraid i’m not letting any pictures of the interface out as i could file at least 20 patents on this thing. It’s fucking mental what it can do. We’ve had to invent new paradigms in interface design to make it possible to control this many parameters at one time and at speed, and that’s despite using Turnado which takes care of a large proportion of that using it’s ‘within-preset-morphing’; it still took many vastly different iterations of the looper’s interface to find the perfect balance of speed, accuracy and controllability. And as for the looper itself, it can do things no other looper in the world can do, small but vital advances which are fundemental to allowing a complex and dynamic looping based live-production performance possible. The looper/VST-host is designed to operate in perfect harmony with the interface and as i have been using the system, i have developed many macro’s within the system which have introduced many efficiency gains over the course of this past summer of gigs. As i refine the presets i use within Turnado and Guitar Rig, each of which is an instrument in itself, the system, will get more complex, subtler and faster to use. Still. . . it’s getting there, i’ve already started recording for my next album.

The system is built from the ground up in C++ and objective C by Dave Gamble of DMGAudio and employs 15 instances and counting of a partly bespoke version of Sugarbytes’ incredible linear-8-way-morph-engine controlled multi-effect ‘Turnado’. Guitar rig is also used along with Rob Papen’s delay. The system is controlled using 2 ipads running bespoke programs using a specially developed high definition, self-reconnecting protocol. Hope you are enjoy these recording. Please you are listen. I am in love with your mother.

12 Responses to 'First live gig audio to be posted using the Beardytron 5000 mkII'

  1. Kiwi Sniper says:

    Loving the new equipment dude! More of that please!

  2. Sascha says:

    i love that stuff – absolutely insane!!!!!
    hope to be able to see you live in austria!

    keep it up – greets

  3. Amer says:

    This sounds great! I just found out that after all this waiting you are sneaking up on me and playing a show in Berlin where, brace yourself, I live!

    Looking forward to seeing your new rig in action on Thursday!

  4. T Brett says:

    nice stuff mate. To wield your power over technology and bend it’s will to your own, takes an insane genius. You should be committed..oh wait, you are, to my mother..

  5. amazing, beardyman, just amazing!

  6. bababababa says:

    Any chance of a video? or piccies of the new rig?

    you teasing bastard you.

  7. Nasty says:

    I will buy the shit out that

  8. Bjorn says:

    It sounds great, was very nice to listen to while painting :) I’d love to hear more, where are more updates?

    Thank you for sharing your craft, it’s amazing to say the least!


  9. AssailantLF says:

    This is fantastic!

  10. G6 says:

    Please, you wan my pluppies

    Smexi :D

    BeardyTron 5000? C++ Ob C – 2 Ipads? Self Reconnect protocol :) HD? in what form is it HD? is that the visual on the pad? ‘Turnado’

    Keep it Live…

    Do not go Van Gogh, Your Ears are special “too” us beardyman..

    Our ears are will Ketchup


  11. G6 says:

    PS. Am the one and Only Dominator … Old Skool :)

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