“One of my top three albums of the year alongside Aphex Twin and Caribou”
Rob da Bank

Beardyman’s new album Distractions is physically released today in the UK alongside his 2014 UK and German tour. Click here for a copy!

Dear human,
Please accept my humble invitation to listen to my new album Distractions.
It took ages to make and all the songs mean a lot to me. I hope u like them.
Here’s what The Musical Melting Pot had to say:

Distractions represents a Pokémon-like evolution not only for Beardyman as an artist, but also for the world of music as a whole. Just as Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile and Felix Baumgartner became the first man to skydive from the edge of space, Distractions demonstrates how something once thought impossible can be proven to lie within the realm of human possibility in a hugely inspiring fashion. I’ve no doubt that many musicians will be freshly motivated by Beardyman’s boundary-shattering efforts, but even when the pack begins to catch up to Distractions we can safely bet that the mind behind it will be restlessly exploring territories far beyond even this.”


Daz, aka Beardyman.

You can join Beardyman on his Distractions tour in the UK and Germany over the coming weeks.

Check the LIVE DATES page.


Music Video for Fndege.Gurp from my Album “Distractions” by the esteemed mr_hopkinson


Distractions Tour – 2014. Listen / Download


Having just released my 2nd Album “Distractions” i immediately set out on an international tour to promote it by not playing a single song from it. from it. So, please you are enjoy this are live, improvised gigs which I am making use brain, voice and Beardytron5000 mk4. Mk4 is feature drum machine of own design which is instantly sample and also is play back beatboxing from live is input, and work by referencing an on-the fly automatable 3d grid of 256 x 16 unique patterns which can be dynamically combined to produce unique drum pattern sequences switching at any point in the bar. It also features an Ableton/Massive based synth workstation controlled from lemur for ipad that has taken over a year to get from initial prototypes to gig ready awesomeness.



One Album per Hour – Listen / Download

One Album per Hour feat. Tim Minchin – “French electro opera”

“This Is Your Chosen Pattern” – ONE ALBUM PER HOUR feat. Peter Serafinowicz

Genital Meditation

BBC Radio 1 – One Album per Hour Special (with Phil and Alice)

One Album per Hour – feat. Jack Black (full show!)

Leeds Festival 2014 – featuring The Beardytron5000 mkIII


yes that’s right, mark 3!!!


The Beardytron5000 mkIII is now fully operational and weaponised. The mkII saw the system shed all shop bought hardware, focusing on a bespoke software approach coded from the ground up in C++. It allowed the system to overdub, copy, offline bounce, merge, move, multiply and replace and resample audio content in a grid of non-mutually exclusive loops. It also featured an integrated system of specially adapted instances of Turnado by Sugarbytes, which ended up being released as Turnado v1.5

MkIII sees loads more advances to this already world-beatingly powerful beast. The Beardytron now has fully customisable midi input capability via the use of plogue bidule as an intermediary stage which means that i have been able to configure some very convenient foot-pedal-controlled functions to keep my hands free.

A second laptop now replaces my trusty Korg R3 which, good as it was was no match for what i have now: an arduously and intricately configured M4L based VSTi host with midi-looping and groundbreaking real-time quantisation features utilising many instances of massive, pianoteq and other awesome synths.

Also, new to the mkIII is my new proprietary “Instant Drum Machine” VST which allows me to carve out new rhythms every time from an immense bank of thousands of different permutations of variants of different classes of rhythm types. The Instant drum machine works exclusively with live-recorded samples so i still start with nothing, no pre-recorded samples, no static rhythm patterns just the potential to create new sounds and patterns Coupled with this are 4 more instances of Turnado, one for each drum catagory (which, once again comes up trumps as a goto multi-effects workhorse).

I’m still busily configuring these exciting and dauntingly deep new parts to the system and slowly but surely becoming expert at using the system as a whole… which is the ultimate goal.

Massive thanks to the incredible developers who have helped me with this project. . It’s just beginning.


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