Menco Pranda – footage unearthed after being lost in the vaults for 36 years

Beardyman @ the Neptune Seattle 2013

The Freestyle Project

The Freestyle Project – a diverse collective formed of some of the UK’s most talented freestyle MC’s brought together and accompanied by Beardyman.

Stig of the Dump
Klumzy tung
Dr Syntax
Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars)
Honey Brown
The man like John

featuring JFB on the decks and ‘j’m black on space-guitar


It started with a session in a warehouse in North London and ended up with a live show in the infamous Udderbelly.

I’ve no idea why it’s taken this long to get it up online but it has, so there. .

This is the last remaining footage of the Koas-Pad-cluster-fuck that was my old system. Consider this it’s swan song. Yes, Kaos Pads are made of swans. . . . swans. . . swans. . .
The Freestyle Project was an experiment in freestyle lyricism, something a little more uplifting than the usual gladiatorial, one-upmanship based battles which freestyle rap is generally used for. It was an amazing time working with some mad talent and it will be done again in some or other form soon. So …. watch this space. . . .



…and here’s the album we improvised together in the jam sessions that kicked off the whole project in a warehouse Manor House.


“I hate my boss” – The Freestyle Project – feat. Dizraeli and Leen

The Freestyle Project – a diverse collective of some of the UK’s most on-point and talented freestyle MC’s brought together and accompanied by Beardyman. Here is a small teaser of the full movie which documents the cypher’s that started it all and the incredible improvised show that resulted from it.



“When we die our butts become stickers” – the wisdom of the child

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

oot sloop roov roopoot

Indiependance 2013 Cork Eire (beardytron5000_mkii)

I dun a TED talk

Beardyman – Istanbul Soundgarden festival – jun 2013

I done a gig in istanbul. There were girls in headscarves and girls in shorts, there were ravers and religiously conservative people there. As i write this, Turkey is in revolt against a democratically elected demagogue who imprisons journalists, political opponents and seeks to deepen the divide between the progressive and the traditional. I post this mix in solidarity for the liberal minded in Turkey who fear marginalization at the hands of Erdogan. I met some awesome people out there and i sincerely hope they and their country pull through without the need for any more violence or oppression.

Incidentally, this was made using my new live rig, the Beardytron 5000 mkII.


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